Jewish   Then at 73 got saved by Baptist preachers now Jewish Christian     But always was born American and Proud of it


The Honorable Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley promised to protect MARCUS PENN in September 2011 and shook my hand on it.


O'Malley lied Marcus died   March 2013 murdered  martyred  killed by Catholics and muslims joined together including the DC Archbishop in an evil cult.. They blinded deafened and paralyzed him first then slaughtered him. They told me I was next but I fled by the Grace of God from Holy Cross Hospital where these rituals took place on the 5 th floor. I have been enslaved by the Catholic Church during the year that has passed and they took part of my sight and hearing and have numbed and paralyzed 70 present of my body. Soon they will slaughter me on their special date of ritual. Police are no help but some are in it here in Takoma Park, MD

Justice For MARCUS PENN has not been found since local and Maryland state government are corrupt. Local cult commits violent crimes and gets away with it.

About Us

Justice For MARCUS PENN and other murdered Jews and all Abused Elderly. 

Abused seniors need aid and comfort. Food and clothing , helping the elderly.

If you know a senior that could use help, drop a line.


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